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EGO 28Amp Backpack 56V Battery Power Pack Tool



EGO BAX1501 Back Pack 28Amp Battery Power pack works with all EGO hand held machine. Long runtime up to 6 hours. This is a game changer for the serious commercial users.


  • Battery capacity: 28Amp , 56V
  • Charge time: Standard: 420 mins, Rapid: 210 mins
  • Cycle Life: Up to 1200 cycles
  • Managed Air Ventilation
  • LED Fuel Gauge
  • Retractable Carrying Handle
  • High Current Capacity Cable
  • 12V and USB Charging Points
  • Connection: Adapter / Plug-in
  • Detachable harness
  • Weatherproof Protection IP56
  • Battery weight without harness: 9.0kg
  • Warranty: 3 year domestic, 1 year commercial


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